Espresso Coffee

Morning Coffee

Coffee and wine share so many commonalities, and each can learn from the other.

I’m almost as passionate about coffee as I am about wine (even more passionate on particularly long or difficult days and when the jet-lag is really hurting).

So, I’ve decided to add a blog page on the subject of coffee. Where to get great coffee, my latest coffee-drinking sensations and my thoughts on what the wine industry can learn from the coffee world.

In Alice in Wonderland the King instructs the White Rabbit to “begin at beginning”. Following this advice then where better to start with coffee than Ethiopia?

Yirgacheffe is an origin that I look out for when buying beans; it rarely disappoints, invariably it delights. Were it not a proper noun it would also make a great Scrabble score.

These beans, roasted by Adelaide’s Rio Coffee are most assuredly delighting.  In fact I’m going back for more.  The pack’s tasting note attributes chocolate and black tea flavours which I get, (auto-suggestion or otherwise) along with delicate toffee and an exotic blossomy, citrus note. Brisk acidity, medium-bodied.