Wine Flight

Private Courses and Blind Tastings for MW students

Private MW Courses


If you are studying, or contemplating studying, for the MW, then Phil has a range of courses which can support your study.


  • Approaches to the MW Course: Learn how to study for the MW
  • Learn the art of essay writing: an essential skill required to pass the exam
  • Learn how to tackle the MW blind-tasting papers
  • Sit a mock exams


Approaches to the MW


A two-day course designed to equip you the insights and strategies to make your MW journey efficient, productive and enjoyable.  Focused on the theory papers but it doesn’t ignore the practical. 


Essay Writing for the MW


“To develop a proper essay writing technique should be part of the preparation for the MW exam.” So said an MW examiner.  No matter how much you know, if you cannot communicate it to the examiners you are unlikely to pass.


Offered as a day-day course covering all aspects of the exam essay writing process including: question selection, analysing the question, planning and structuring, writing style and the use of examples.


The increasingly popular on-line essay writing course option is also offered. Students write an essay and submit it for feedback.  This is followed by a one hour, one on one, Skype call to discuss the essay feedback and how the essay can be improved.  The course covers ten essays and feedback sessions.


Tasting Courses


Wine Tasting for the MW


A two day course features four blind tastings. Each tasting is of six wines.  Using the six-wine format allows maximum time for discussion of answers, helping students to perfect their exam technique.


Mock Exams


In the months leading up to the exams sit a mock exam. Familiarise yourself with the physical and mental stamina required to successfully sit the MW exam.


Bespoke Courses: Contact Phil to discuss a bespoke course for you and your study-buddies



—Course Dates—


Adelaide, South Australia

We are currently confirming our next set of Australian Course dates

The Cotswolds, Oxfordshire, UK

Saturday April 18th – Stage 1 assessment Cramer (10 am – 5.30 pm)

Sunday 19th and Monday 20th April – Wine Tasting (Residential)

Tuesday 21st and Wednesday 22nd April – Essay Writing (Residential)


On-Line Essay Writing Course: Can be started at any time.  Contact Phil to discuss